So there was the time when I was living in Denton Texas and I had to leave to work at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan over the summer.  Prior to leaving, I had a service rep for the cable company come to the door asking for my $25 a month times four months that I hadn’t paid.  I told him since the name on the bill said Chris Clak, that it wasn’t me, and I wouldn’t pay it.  This seemed to be good enough for him.  Later on, I had a friend who was staying there in my absence, and he was there when a service rep came out and was irate and angry.  He went up on the roof and yanked the actual cable to the cable out dramatically.

Then of course, there was another time I had played a gig in Marshall Texas (of We Are Marshall fame) with the Sons of the San Joaquin and the Marshall Symphony, and I stopped in Tyler on the way back to Denton to have a nap.  Back then, I was driving a blue Chevy station wagon, the kind that used as much oil as it did fuel.  The next morning I found that my roof rack had been removed.  I was so tired because I also had an issue with my muffler, in that it needed to drag on the ground, so in the rain in Marshall, in my tux shirt, I had found an open service station, where a nice guy loaned me tools to remove the muffler, whereupon I wrapped bungee cords around the remaining pipe and closed the door on the other end so it would stay in place.  It stayed like that for months.


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  1. Hey Chris!

    I’m a big fan of the work that you did on Miss Amy’s “Fitness Rock & Roll”. Your playing really added a lot to that project. Nice work!

    I’d appreciate you taking a listen and consider voting for me in this year’s Grammy Awards, as well!
    But only if you like what you hear!  🙂  I LIKE IT HERE is a Latin influenced, sexy, mysterious Country song. I think you’ll like it.
    Here is the link to listen, or to watch my video. I’d certainly appreciate your vote in all three categories below!    https://youtu.be/yoPqMqJANJQ
    Quite a few people have told me that they don’t like Country music, but love what I release. So, don’t worry if you don’t care much for country music. I think you might just like it. 🙂
    I’m sure you remember what it’s like to be an independent artist…
    Together, let’s “buck” the so-called mainstream music trends… Let’s figure out a way to allow people to hear something…  good on the radio, for a change! Like more of your music!
    Thank you for listening!
    -Sage Keffer
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    Best Solo County Performance*           
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    *Since we are not allowed to provide our ballot #, I figured I could help locating it. Artists are generally in alphabetical order via last name.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I noticed you teach bass at Lawrenceville. I work at Princeton day School and we just graduated a senior bass player in our band. I am looking to hire a player to sit in with the group and hopefully have a student or two start bass lessons. Would you be interested in expanding your studio and or playing with our high school ensemble on the concerts?

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